Short Term Business Finance

Short Term Business Finance

Do you need short term business finance? There are a lot of great products, services and business ideas out there. However, many never make it to fruition, falling in the initial stages of business or due to a shortage of cash flow. There are so many great business people in Australia who are unable to make their dreams come true, not because of a lack of knowledge or determination, but because they simply cannot secure the financing to allow their business to prosper. With the banks simply shaking their head at even the possibility of bridging a gap in cash flow, it can be difficult to know where to turn!

Luckily, Australian businesses and entrepreneurs can turn to Gateway Equity, as we are one of the leading providers of short term business loans that allow business owners to take their enterprise to the next level.

The key issue for many SME’s is managing cash flow. Where there is a gap between sales coming in/ customer invoices being paid and business expenses being paid, uncertainty can arise around the future of the business. If you do not have savings to turn to or a source of finance from the bank, a cash flow shortage can present a very worrying situation. This is where Gateway Equity can help. We offer a range of short term business loans and funding solutions. It doesn’t matter if you have a poor credit history or have previously been turned down financing by the big banks. We believe in offering everyone a fresh start and even if you have no credit rating, we will still consider your request short term business finance.

Don’t ever believe that you have racked up too much of a cash flow shortage or that you simply require too much financing to ever get your business off the ground. Gateway Equity can provide short term business loans from $10,000-$150,000+ with finance offered to businesses right across Australia.

We’re here to help you free up some necessary capital so that you can start building the future of your business. Our offering is simple – we’re an asset based lender so once you can secure your loan with real estate assets, we will be more than happy to consider your application. For short term business finance With Gateway Equity, there are no long, complicated forms, no tax or BAS statements required and no need to detail your credit history. We offer a simple, hassle free solution to your short term financing problems with fast approval to ensure that your business is back on its feet as soon as possible.

Have the major banks or other lenders turned you down for short term business finance? Don’t be disheartened; give the expert team at Gateway Equity a call today on (+61) 393 594 502 to discuss your funding options and kick start the future of your business with short term business loans!

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