Second Mortgage Loans

Second Mortgage Loans from Gateway Equity

Do you need a mortgage, cash injection, or loan without having to provide up-to-date financials? You may need a bridging loan so you don’t miss an important settlement date, or for some reason, you may be unable to settle your current mortgage. Don’t worry – this is the case for a lot of Australians!

Gateway Equity offers the fairest and most reliable second mortgage loans in Melbourne and Brisbane. We have thousands of private investors and lenders who can work to secure your second mortgage as quickly as possible. If you’ve been turned away by big banks, we’ve got you covered. With a very low interest rate and quick turnaround time, our highly experienced consultants can help you in structuring your second mortgage. We are a team of specialists, meaning your finances are in the right hands.

How do second mortgage loans work?

Second mortgage loans work somewhat like lines of credit, and they function the same for both residential and commercial property. With a second mortgage loan, the money will come from your property – so you’re borrowing against the equity your property already has.

Gateway Equity provides business loans to Australian companies. This means we can assist you with second mortgage loans in Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond.

Second mortgage loans aren’t meant for small purchases – only ever consider second mortgage loans when you have sizeable equity with a large purchase in mind.

Although second mortgage loans carry a higher interest rate than first mortgage loans, the financial experts at Gateway Equity can help you with finding the most affordable rates on the market.

If you’re interested in second mortgage loans in Brisbane or Melbourne, get in contact with Gateway Equity today. When it’s time to take out a second mortgage, call 1300 362 522.