If you’re the owner of a small business, you’ve probably had to deal with the challenge of securing a short term loan to get your business off the ground, to bridge a short term gap in cash flow or to bring your enterprise to the next level. For this, most business owners go the big banks and lending providers for financing only to be met with mounds of paperwork and requests for BAS and tax statements and a full credit check. Then, after a long-winded application process, the application is still denied. Sound familiar? If so, know that Gateway Equity can offer you a very different scenario. We’re the provider of short terms business loans Melbourne business owners can turn to for the short term financing they need to drive their business forward.

Got a poor credit rating or no previous credit history at all? No problem. Don’t want to have to submit BAS and tax documents? No problem. Gateway Equity looks beyond your credit rating and tax history when considering your application for short term business loans in Melbourne financing. After all, the past is the past, and our goal is to help you secure the future of your business. It is all too easy to incur a bad rating or to struggle to record strong business profits. Therefore, these things should not inhibit a business’s opportunity to grow and secure a long term future. The team at Gateway Equity are here to assess your individual needs, not your past business history.

We offer an exceptional service and short-term business loans of $10,000 to $150,000 and more. We are security-based lenders; once you have real estate assets to secure the loans, we are ready and willing to help you secure the financing that you need. Whether you need finance to expand your team of staff, purchase bulk stock or materials, move to a bigger business premises, pay off your creditors or simply bridge a gap in business cash flow, we can offer financing to suit your needs. We are known for providing Melbourne business with a fast route to the financing they need offering exceptionally fast application and financing processing. The cash you need to drive your business forward could be in your bank account as soon as tomorrow morning…really!

When you need short term business loans and financing to take your business to the next level, give the team at Gateway Equity a call. We differ from the big banks and other financial institutions in that we pride ourselves on offering people second chances, fast financing processing and expert lending advice. Our team of professional lending advisors are ready and waiting to take your call on +61 393 594 502 and get your business quickly moving forward. Kick-start the future of your business today by making that call to Gateway Equity!