For potential start-ups, investors and small-medium sized business owners, the struggle to secure short term financing is all too real. It is becoming more and more difficult for business people to secure short term loans without tax or BAS statements, a good credit rating and strong profits. For the many people struggling to get their business off the ground, who currently record low-modest profits and/or who have a poor credit rating, the big banks and other lending providers simply shut their doors when it comes to financing.

Introducing Gateway Equity. Gateway Equity is the leading provider of short term business loans Australia can depend on when other financial institutions shake their head.

Gateway Equity offers a simple, hassle free lending service to investors, start-ups and small businesses. Whether you need some cash to purchase stock, bridge a gap in cash flow or simply need funding to make your start-up idea a reality, our expert team of lenders are here to help. We look past your credit rating and assess your individual needs, helping you to figure out exactly which financing option you require. Accessing credit when you need it most should be simple and with Gateway Equity, we ensure it is just that. We don’t look to perform a check on your credit history, we won’t ask you to fill out any long and complicated forms or request tax and BAS statements from your business.

We offer short term business loans for a minimum of $10,000 right up to $150,000 and more. We are an asset-based lender, providing loans to those who can secure the financing against real estate assets. Once you own some real estate, we will readily assess your application for financing. We are known for our quick processing – you can have the cash that you need in your bank account as soon as tomorrow! For many years we have been the first point of call for people who are looking for short term loans and financing to get their business off the ground. We have a reputation as a very fair and a highly professional lending provider. We differ from other competitors in Australia because we assess applications based on a person’s individual needs and assets rather than their past history. We focus on the future – not the past!

With Gateway Equity, business and investment loans couldn’t be simpler. Just because the big banks have said “no” does not mean that you have to give up on the future of your business. What are you waiting for? Kick start the future of your business by calling our expert team of advisors today on +61 393 594 502. The future of your business is in your hands – let us help you ensure your future is bright!