Accessing short-term finance in the current climate can be a real issue for businesses and individuals in Australia. Banks typically apply very rigorous qualification criteria when considering loan applications, which at best can mean accessing short-term business loans is both time-consuming and very bureaucratic. At worst it means that those with either a poor credit history or no credit history have little or no chance of receiving approval for such funding.

Gateway Finance offers loans to businesses and individuals who are in this very position. We understand that the recent financial turmoil generally has forced many people and businesses into a “bad” credit position. We appreciate that a “second chance” is worthwhile to allow a business some much needed short term funding to allow it to develop and prosper. For individuals, short-term financing may allow investment in a business opportunity, or facilitate a necessary life-style change or home improvement.

If your business needs the flexibility of working capital to allow you to continue operating, the caveat loans in Australia that we provide will give you short term financing while your business puts in place the long term funding mechanisms as needed. With loans from $10,000 to $150,000 plus, Gateway Equity will work with you to provide the best solution for your business, and put in place the financing as quickly as possible to meet your business needs.

For individuals, our service is personal to you, and here at Gateway Equity we pride ourselves on providing you with an efficient, friendly service. We are happy to work with you to assess how best to secure the funding required, with the flexibility needed when paying back the loan.

We look at each case, and consider every client’s needs, regardless of credit history. Any asset you or your business has, including you, is taken in to account, and we are confident in our ability to enable all of our clients to optimise their finances.

If the bigger banks have turned you down, we would be happy to go through your finances to provide you with a solution for your short-term business loans and financial needs, with no obligation. At Gateway Finance we want to assist our clients through the process, rather than throw up barriers making it difficult for their business to progress, or for them as an individual to plan for the future.

For more information, our website is where you will find an online facility to contact us with your query. Alternatively, you can contact us via phone at +619359 4502 or send us an email to Our website also allows for online application for our financing, streamlining the process even further for your convenience. Feel free to contact us, and our helpful knowledgeable staff will be happy to talk you through your options.